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On Approach

Meriden Airport Runway 36 looking North

Meriden Airport

First Air Cargo Delivery in Connecticut - August 14, 1919

Fly-In and Safety Fest

A View of the Flight Line

Sikorsky Blackhawk

On the Meriden Airport Ramp

Civil Air Patrol Cessna 182

Landing at Meriden Airport

Mooney M20J

Over Connecticut in the Fall

North American AT6

Ready for Departure

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A Great Connecticut Airport
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Our Services


Aircraft Maintenance is provided by MUSTANG AVIATION located in the MX Hangar on the North ramp. Open 7 days a week for all your aviation needs. Contact Russell Emmons @ 203-560-8788.

Tiedowns and Hangars


Ramp tiedown $95/month

Taxi thru tiedown $118/month


Box Hangars $368 - $404,

T-Hangars $306

Shared Quonset hangars $210

Transient Overnight Parking:

$10/night for 1st thru 3rd night (1st night waived with the purchase of 20 gallons of fuel).

$5.00/night for 4th night and on

Ramp Fee:

$50.00 for Charter drop off/pick up


24 hour self-service Phillips 66 Aviation AVGAS 100LL fuel. We strive to offer the lowest fuel price in the state of CT. Drop in to apply for a Phillips 66 Aviation credit card and receive an additional $0.10 discount per gallon.

* Must register with front desk at Meriden Markham Airport for discount.

Flight School and Aircraft Rental

Meriden Aviation Center

The Flight School and Aircraft Rentals are provided by Meriden Aviation Center. Contact them at 203-648-4870 and visit their web site at

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